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‘Til Meth Do Us Part

Breaking-Bad-1I’m a victim of the Breaking Bad craze. I never paid much attention to the show, despite the years of acclaim and chatter about what an amazing piece of TV this show was. I resisted because the subject matter just didn’t appeal to me. A dying high school chemistry teacher goes to the dark side and becomes a drug kin pin in suburban New Mexico?? Um, no thanks…

I just wasn’t interested. But then I saw so much hype about the upcoming final season and thought I’d take a peek at what all the hype was about.

OMG. Yeah….

I got sucked in. Really fast. And really hard. So hard in fact, that I spent pretty much every spare moment I had allocated to “down time” watching the 54 episodes that existed in order to be “ready” for the last 8 episodes of the final season.

This is an absolutely compelling show. Incredibly well-written (although some of the best scenes have little or no dialogue!), impeccable acting, dynamic editing and audio/visual segue-ways, and transitions.  A masterpiece of a series.

Of course, being the Resentment Dumper that I am, I was fascinated with the relationship story lines, which are, like everything else, very well developed and fostered throughout the series. Naturally, the relationship between Walt and Skyler was fascinating to me as it evolved throughout the seasons.

Skyler and Walt need The Melfox Method!

It’s sort of overwhelming to even write about this because the story lines and characters are SO multidimensional, with many layers of complexity. And of course, these story lines involve more than most of us will ever experience in our lifetimes in terms of drama and intensity, but if we squint our eyes just a bit, we could probably see similarities in things we’ve all experienced.

There are so many scenarios throughout the series that demonstrate how critical it is to have the skills know-how to resolve conflict in our relationships.  There are so many scenes where I found myself thinking “Hmm, The Melfox Method would have really changed things between these two”.

How different things could have been if Walt and Skyler were on the same side of the net and instead of stuffing their thoughts, anger and resentment, they actually possessed curiosity and empathy toward each other. If only they had been able to focus on resolving the conflict by cleansing the continuously mounting resentment.

But it’s different for us. We can all learn from this. We can get our drama fix from shows like Breaking Bad and fictional, albeit powerfully developed characters, like these two; but when it comes to own relationships, we can use The Melfox Method and our effective conflict resolution skills.  It may be too late for Skyler and Walt, but it’s only the beginning for us!  We’ve got this!

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