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The Resentment Dumpers

Dump your Resentment, not your Relationship!


Outcome of Relationship Challenges

Scarlett Johannson’s got a new movie coming out. Of course this means she’s speaking out in the media to promote the flick. That, combined with her newly-announced engagement (she was married to hottie Ryan Reynolds from 2008-2011) has brought up relationship discussion in some of the interviews. In the new movie (Don Jon)  the Avengers star portrays […]

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The “X-Factor” to Healthy Relationships

Every week there seems to be one celebrity gossip story that stands out as the biggie. This week it was the announcement that Simon Cowell is expecting a baby. Big news because Simon’s gone on record saying he’d never have a kid several times.  The kicker of this story is that he’s expecting this child […]

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The Ability to Resolve Conflict

You Ain’t Buyin’ a Chevy at “My next car’s gonna have air-conditioning!” That’s what I was thinking years ago when I was tootin’ along in my ’92 Mazda 323.  We always keep a sub-conscious list of what we’re lacking in our current vehicle when we start daydreaming about the next one.  Unfortunately, all too […]

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The Language of Relationships

It’s Like Legal Jargon and Legalese Have you ever wondered why legalese is so obscure? All those embedded clauses, passive verbs, and lengthy sentences serve some purpose, right? Well one reason is clarity… “Just so there is no misunderstanding.” Its complexity is necessary to minimize contract disputes caused by things like: Lack of sufficient, pertinent […]

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