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Relationship Care Is Not a “Bad” Thing

BreakingBadIt’s no secret that I’ve been a Breaking Bad crazed looney the past few weeks, along with SO many others,  as the greatest TV series in history (editorial opinion!) wraps up this weekend. This is kind of odd for me. I’m usually the type to jump on a trendy TV bandwagon long after its trendy-ness is gone.  But once I got a glimpse of the Pilot episode, I knew it was a unique piece of television history that I just had to be a part of.

I’m getting off track here. The point is, as the series wraps up, stories of the show’s stars and creators are running rampant and yes, I admit it…I’m reading as much as I can get my hands on. Of course, any and all relationship themes catch my attention, and I’ve written about some of them here before.

[So please humor me this LAST time. My final excerpt in the BrBa Trilogy. J

I read an interview with Bryan Cranston that centered around his views on marriage.  From 1977 to 1982 he was married to writer Mickey Middleton. At 35, he married Robin Dearden whom he had met on the set of the show Airwolf in 1984.   In the interview, he made reference to the fact that he and his wife often attend couples counseling  “Our agreement is, if either of us feels like we want to go, the other can’t object.” (I’m happy to say that Walter White and Bryan Cranston have very different views on marriageJ)

Sounds pretty healthy. Of course, understanding and embracing The Melfox Method gives a couple all of the tools they need to do their OWN “counseling”, which in reality is simply relationship maintenance; just like the maintenance you do on your car (to keep it running smoothly) or in your garden (to keep the “weeds” at bay). 

How many times have you heard the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  We seem to do fine with comprehending that concept when it comes to our automobiles. Why are we so resistant when it comes to relationships??

A lot of people equate maintaining a relationship with torture. Like it’s something they dread or avoid thinking about.  They feel that anytime you have to “work” at a relationship, it is a sign of weakness and doomed to failure.  They hold fast to the notion that their relationship doesn’t (or ever will) have conflict.

Like somehow making a mutual commitment to always want to be with, and accept, another person will somehow magically remove the need to ever maintain the relationship you’ve entered into with them. Or worse yet, thinking that anytime a couple has to “work” on their relationship, it must be in trouble and that’s something to avoid or be ashamed of. 

CatWould you consider taking care of the relationship you have with your child or pet as work? When you care about something (and relationship you have with it,) you naturally do the necessary things to take care of it. Why should it be any different with the relationship you have with your partner?

If a relationship – any relationship – is not properly maintained, resentment (and the toxicity that comes along with unresolved resentment) begins to settle in. Like the weeds in a garden that ultimately choke out the healthy stuff.

So Bryan Cranston and his wife have got the right idea.  Thing is, while counseling could possibly be helpful in some cases, routine relationship maintenance can be done simply and regularly through the process of effective Interaction.

Curiosity Killed The Spat: The Melfox Method for Relationship Health Through Effective Conflict Resolution teaches us how to do just that. It’s really amazingly simple once you read the book and understand its concepts. “Couples counseling” takes on a whole new meaning …and the Outcome is a relationship that stays well-maintained and “perma-fresh”. For as long as you both shall live….

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One Response to “Relationship Care Is Not a “Bad” Thing”

  • Brandy Heflin says:

    I can’t wait to get my copy of Curiosity Killed The Spat, and I’m not even in a relationship right now! Why not prepare myself now for when I am? 🙂

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