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How to Survive the “Two-Year Itch”


Big Celebrity Headline News This Week!


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Renowned and perpetual bachelor George Clooney,  and his latest squeeze, Stacy Keibler have split after two years together.  According to news reports, the relationship had been on the rocks for months.  An insider was quoted as saying “It’s been slowly falling apart for awhile.”  There is even a lot of buzz that prior to their recent breakup, George and Stacy hadn’t had sex for months.  Shocker!  Um, nope!! Not really! This is not shocking at all when a relationship is overrun with resentment.  But I digress…

Lots of rumors surface when this stuff happens.  They are both too busy, too far apart, blah, blah.  But this really got me thinking.  And being the celeb gossip fiend that I am, I am WELL versed in the love life of George Clooney (sigh…insert heart emoticon here.)

Generally speaking, George has a pattern dating back to the late 80’s of being in roughly 2-4 year relationships with various and sundry starlets and hotties.  Karen Duffy, Krista Allen, Elisabeth Cannalis, to name a few!  Some more intense and higher profile than others, but very generally speaking, it’s safe to say that  George’s couplings have had a relatively short lifespan.

Now, being intensely interested in the field of conflict resolution and relationship, I started to think about this.  Hmmmm.  Is this a quinky-dink or is something going on here?  You could just assume that George has a bad case of dating ADD and just needs a new woman every few years to relieve his boredom; or you could go a bit deeper and take a look at what happens to relationships after the “newness” wears off a bit.

Embracing Conflict



Once a couple settles into “real life” and the relationship extends beyond the Fairies and Unicorns Stage (also known as infatuation), conflict becomes a very real part of day-to-day life.  I am going on the record and stating that this is purely speculation, but there’s a really good chance that George has established a pattern of simply bailing once the honeymoon is over and the rose-colored glasses are removed.  This is a very real possibility, because, like SO many others, he either doesn’t know how to resolve conflict or he simply doesn’t want to.  Some people feel that conflict should be avoided like the plague, so instead of understanding it and embracing it and viewing it as an opportunity to know your partner better, as The Melfox Method teaches, they run for the hills or simply sweep it away.

The problem with that is that the ability to deal with conflict is crucial to relationship health.  So if my postulate is correct, we will continue to read about George and his two-year “honeymoon” relationships for the foreseeable future.  That is of course unless we can get him to read and absorb Curiosity Killed The Spat: The Melfox Method for Relationship Health Through Effective Conflict Resolution and embrace its teachings.  Hmm, I think I’ll send a copy to his “people”.  Stay tuned!  😉

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