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The Resentment Dumpers

Dump your Resentment, not your Relationship!

Expectant Parents and Conflict Resolution

And Baby Makes Three

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Kate Middleton arrives at an evening reception to celebrate the work of The Art Room charity at The National Portrait Gallery on Apr. 24, 2013 in London, England. Credit: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty

All eyes, ears and Internet browsers are poised and waiting!! Any day/minute now, one of the biggest pop culture and world history events of century will take place when HRH The Prince or Princess of Cambridge is born! Like so many others, I’m kind of caught up in the excitement of this. I’m dating myself here, but I actually still remember the excitement and frenzy when Prince William was born back in ’82.  And now we wait for the news that his son or daughter (and likely future monarch of England) has arrived.  It’s one of those “things” us females love. Especially those of us who are fascinated with the whole “Royal family” saga. (raises hand!)

This really got me thinking about my own experience of becoming a parent for the first time, and how this event- more than any other- will end up testing a couple’s ability to resolve conflict. The sleepless nights, the general awkwardness that occurs during the learning curve as you get to know your squalling newborn. It’s a breeding ground for conflict and tension in a relationship, along with all of the happy, feel-good amazement of having brought this little creature into the world. Later on, as we settle in,  things like cultural differences, values, and religion come to the forefront of the relationship as we uncover differences we often didn’t even KNOW we had, prior to having kids.

Dissolving Resentment

This is where Will & Kate (and all the rest of us!) really need to embrace the idea of  curiosity, empathy, and understanding as they embark on their journey into parenthood.  It’s been said that the best gift that parents can give their child is a good marriage. There is some truth to that, but what it isn’t ever addressed is HOW to do that.  And that’s where we come in! Curiosity Killed the Spat- The Melfox Method for Relationship Health Through Effective Conflict Resolution teaches us HOW to dissolve resentment, so that resentment doesn’t dissolve the relationship!

I am looking forward to the day when new parents turn to Dr. Spock *and* Curiosity Killed the Spat- The Melfox Method for Relationship Health Through Effective Conflict Resolution for guidance when they become parents. One to learn the logistics of caring for their beautiful bouncing baby, and the other to uncover how to expose and dissolve resentment – a relationship’s one true enemy.

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