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The Resentment Dumpers

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4. Interaction

Relationship Care Is Not a “Bad” Thing

It’s no secret that I’ve been a Breaking Bad crazed looney the past few weeks, along with SO many others,  as the greatest TV series in history (editorial opinion!) wraps up this weekend. This is kind of odd for me. I’m usually the type to jump on a trendy TV bandwagon long after its trendy-ness is gone. […]

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How to Survive the “Two-Year Itch”

  Big Celebrity Headline News This Week! Renowned and perpetual bachelor George Clooney,  and his latest squeeze, Stacy Keibler have split after two years together.  According to news reports, the relationship had been on the rocks for months.  An insider was quoted as saying “It’s been slowly falling apart for awhile.”  There is even a lot of buzz […]

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